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Why Using A Hamilton SEO Agency Is So Important

92% of searchers

will pick businesses on the first page of local search results

97% of smartphone users

use their phone to search for a local business

88% of people

who search for a local business on a mobile device call or visit that business


71% of people

who search for a local business look up and confirm the location of that business before visiting for the first time

Local businesses that use an SEO agency/consultant get 35-45% more clicks than businesses that don’t.

Prices start at just $199

SEO = More Leads

Think about it.

How often do you visit page 2 or page 3 of the Google search results page when looking for something? Your target audience don’t either.

That’s why you need to be on page 1.

Does your business show up in the Google Maps section of the search results?

If not, you’re getting 60% fewer potential customers than your competition who is showing up in the Google Maps search results. That’s a lot of lost revenue.

Just think about what ranking in the Google Maps Pack and on page 1 could do for your business. But who do you do this?

By using the Digital Marketing services provided by a dedicated SEO agency like Digital Envy your business will not only see an increase in website traffic but quality traffic from potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

Affordable SEO services that are easy to understand and provide real, measurable results.

Choosing the right Hamilton SEO agency is vital if you want to increase your businesses rankings on Google.

But how do you know which Search Engine Optimization provider is right for you?

Well, there are two important questions any business owner should ask themselves when thinking about starting into SEO. They are:

What will search engine optimization do for my company and what are my main goals when choosing an SEO agency?

SEO campaigns are extremely detailed and intricate, and you must be sure you have the right SEO experts working on your business.

Our SEO process at Digital Envy is simple, yet profound. We look at your current rankings in great detail. We want to get a better understanding of exactly how your site is interacting with Google.

Can Google crawl your website to understand what your business is all about? Are you ranking for important keywords related to your business?

We look at everything. Site speed, mobile friendliness, on-page optimization, title tags, meta descriptions, H tags, image optimization, anchor text, brand authority, competition, social profiles, blogs, backlink structure, brand reputation and a whole lot more geeky stuff we don’t need to get into.


Learn how we did it in this SEO Case Study.


Learn how we did it in this SEO Case Study.

Did you know that most small businesses struggle when it comes to generating website traffic and leads?

In fact, over 60% of small businesses say they have no idea how to create more website traffic and turn that traffic into customers. Or even know what online marketing is.

But over 70% of small businesses say they realize how important local search and local SEO is to their business and know that they are losing customers by not ranking high enough (or at all) on Google.

The truth is that if your website does not appear on the first page of Google search results, 73% of people looking for your product or service, won’t find you.


Think of all that lost business and revenue.


What SEO grade will your website get? The answer might surprise you!

We Know Local SEO.

 of Digital MarketingWant your business to rank in the Google Maps search results? This is better known as Google’s “Local Map Pack”. This is the all-important three-pack of local listings that shows up at the very top of the Google results when a local based search is triggered.

Being one of the three local businesses that show up in the Local Map Pack, under your targeted keyword phrases, can bring an extraordinary amount of visitors to your web site.

If your customers can’t find you, they will find your competition.

So how do you get your business in the Google Local Map Pack? Use our Google My Business optimization services combined with out SEO end SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services.

This is a potent 1-2 SEO punch for your small business.

​How We Do It – Local SEO Services

Google wants to be confident that your business is real. In the world of Digital Marketing, this is known as the “Google Confidence Algorithm”. Google relies on upon over 70 major third-party web sites to verify the consistency of the business name, address and phone (“NAP”), associated with your web site. The more consistent your NAP, the more likely you are to be found in the maps section at the top of the Google results. We help businesses get listed in the map pack. We make sure your business listing is accurate and consistent with Google requirements to rank well locally.

It should come as no surprise that Google is smart and can figure out what kind of information you are looking for just by the way you perform a search query. By targeting geographically relevant keywords, you have the advantage of not having to compete with larger businesses for highly competitive keywords. Geographically specific keywords are usually searched on when people are ready to act, which means that they have a much higher conversion rate than keywords of higher competition.

Our expert team at Digital Envy is ready to help your business grow to its fullest potential. By creating and optimizing your business listings in local search engines, your business can become a market leader in your industry.

Our Proven SEO Process


Start With An SEO Audit

The first part of our process is to complete an in-depth SEO audit and analysis of your website. This allows us to see if there are any technical or User Experience (UX) issues that might be hurting your search performance.


Lots Of Research

The second stage is all about digging into the research. We want to find keywords, link opportunities, and to analyze your competitors. This is critical phase because it lays the groundwork for all future actions.

Build Your SEO Strategy

The third stage involves creating an SEO strategy for improving your site’s visibility, rankings and organic search traffic. But not just any search traffic, we want qualified traffic. This means prioritizing what actions will get you results the fastest, creating an editorial calendar, prioritizing your link opportunities.

Optimization Time

The fourth stage is when we take action on the three previous steps and optimize your website, so it’s ready to dominate Google.

Content Creation

The fifth stage is when we develop a base of content assets that will be used to rank for long-tail keywords and to attract backlinks naturally to your website.

Link Building

The sixth part of the process (which is on-going) is to begin acquiring backlinks to your website and content assets. This will build your website’s authority, so it’s easier to rank in Google (and keep your rankings).

Every business is unique and every website is unique and has it’s own challenges. These six steps form the outline of our SEO campaign but we adapt and create a unique SEO strategy for every client we work with.

People are searching for your business right now, but can they find you?

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