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You might already be a fluent Facebook user on your personal page. Connecting with friends and family through Facebook is standard. However, not every business realizes how important it is to also create a Facebook page for their service.

Social media sites make it easy to market to potential customers. Facebook advertising is one of the most popular and effective ways to market a business. Facebook ads can draw in new customers and connect your brand with existing buyers.

Have you tried Facebook marketing on your own with no results? You might not be in on the best strategies. Digital Envy is a Facebook advertising agency that specializes in social media marketing and online brand building. We know what it takes to bring more traffic to your business and increase revenue. Consider whether using our Facebook marketing services will work for your business by learning more about how Facebook ads work.

Why Choose Digital Envy for
Facebook Advertising Services?

There are so many reasons, but here are the best ones.


Our campaign managers are Facebook advertising experts and posses the technical mastery needed to create effective Facebook ad campaigns. Plus, we are always receiving ongoing training and education, some of it directly from Facebook.


Let's face it - results matter! We structure every Facebook ad campaign based on of the clients goals and while not every campaign is a home run out of the gate, we constantly work to optimize and scale each campaign to get the results we're after.


You name it, we can do it. Want a Messenger bot campaign? No problem. Looking at creating a new sales funnel? No problem. Want to build your brand awareness? We've got that covered. Want more e-commerce sales? We're more than happy to help.


We have a full graphic design and video team for all your online marketing and video advertising needs. Video is becoming more and more important, and we know how to make some stop scrolling and watch your video.


Our Facebook ads services are setup to suit your needs and goals - not ours. We want to work with you, basically as part of your internal team, instead of a cold, outside advertising agency.


All Digital Envy client have direct 24/7 access to their campaign team. Sounds crazy, but it's true. Our clients can also be as involved or as un-involved as they wish.

A LOT of businesses have experienced tremendous growth
while working with us and using our Facebook Advertising Services.

There isn't a business we can't help. We’ve already helped dozens of businesses grow and reach their social marketing goals.

What types of business can we help? Local businesses with a brick and mortar location. Small businesses with multiple locations. E-Commerce stores. SAAS companies. Businesses in industries ranging from health and fitness to 3D printing. Electrical engineering to customized magnet e-commerce stores. Karate studios to financial institutions . Whatever your business does, we can help get your message heard, grow your audience, and make more sales.

These Facebook case studies showcase some of the results you can expect when you work with Digital Envy.

Working with nine local Telus authorized dealers we implemented a retargeting strategy that increased sales by 33% and launched their first e-commerce store.

Using the incredible power of video on Facebook and Instagram, Digital Envy delivered over 2 million views for Plaza Nissan at less than $0.01 per view.

e-commerce SEO client

Jumping into a highly competitive market is never easy, but with Digital Envy's help, they drooped their acquisition CPA by 50%.

magical journeys facebook advertising client

You can book a Disney vacation anywhere, by why not book it with the experts. Digital Envy created a Facebook specific marketing campaign that landed them 17 new clients in one month.

Why Try Facebook Marketing Services?

Despite the growth of several other social media sites, Facebook continues to dominate the web. There are over 19.6 million Facebook users in Canada - many who could potentially become new customers. This can only happen with a polished ad campaign developed by an expert social media marketing agency.

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that just by making a Facebook page, users will take notice. It's important to know what to do with the page once you've made it and how to reach a relevant audience. It's all about knowing how to establish yourself.

We rely on several marketing strategies that have been proven to successfully strengthen a business's online traffic. We make ads for businesses that invite potential clients to explore your brand. Our campaigns target users that are most likely to click on your ad based on their interests, not ones that will ignore you and keep scrolling.

We strive for organic likes that come from loyal customers. Through strategies like re-marketing, we follow up with users that have already shown interest in your product and make sure your customers feel connected to your company.

Our Facebook Marketing Strategy

Our team works closely with our clients to understand their brand before implementing a campaign. We learn how your business wants to grow and develop goals that are ambitious yet achievable. Often, our clients are starting from scratch. We're happy to build campaigns that teach our clients how they can implement specific strategies through Facebook marketing.

We research your business's field and how competitors are choosing to market within your industry. The campaigns we create are always unique to your business so that they can never be confused with another company's strategy.

Our work doesn't end with a few meetings. Once we launch the campaign, we monitor its progress 24/7 and send you regular ROI reports. It's important that you're always up to date with your campaign's results.

Facebook Advertising Strategy Goals

Facebook Advertising Is More Effective Than Ever

There has never been a better time to start a campaign with a Facebook marketing company. Many businesses try to achieve success on their own, but don't receive the results they're looking for. They often are not aware of the tools needed to gain the massive audience they desire.

At Digital Envy, our social media experts don't just understand Facebook marketing - we understand businesses. We believe a company's online advertising should always reflect their values and ethics. We create ad campaigns that our clients feel truly reflect their services.

It is never easy to manage a business and oversee an online marketing campaign at once. Not every business is equipped to balance both management and marketing. A Facebook advertising agency has the resources to sell your brand online. Book your free consultation with Digital Envy today to learn more about how we can strengthen your business's online presence.

Contact us today to see for yourself why Digital Envy is growing so fast and why our clients love working with us

(and it's not just because we get real results).