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In the world of e-commerce SEO, the best way to increase sales is to increase the number of people who visit your site. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

But you don’t want just anyone on your site – you want the people who are most likely to buy from you.

This is precisely what e-commerce SEO is all about.

At Digital Envy, we will help you put the right strategies in place to boost your search engine rankings so that you can start generating more high-quality leads and make more sales.

What Is E-Commerce SEO?

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Basically, E-commerce SEO makes your site and products more visible on search engine result pages, like Google and Bing.

This means that if a potential buyer is typing a phrase into a search engine that resembles your product, your page will appear higher up in the search results. Therefore, it will be more likely to be clicked on.

There are many ways your website can be made more search-friendly. Some of these ways include the strategic use of keywords, backlinks, and making your site more user-friendly overall.

What Are The Benefits?

If you are looking for better results from your e-commerce website, using our e-commerce SEO services will help you rank higher, get more website traffic and best of all, help you to increase sales.

And compared to traditional advertising methods, SEO is far more affordable. You’ll get the maximum return on your investment.

Content that is written by an SEO expert is also of a higher quality. For this reason, people who click on your site will be more likely to understand and relate to the content. At Digital Envy, we know the best ways to convert readers into buyers.

Our SEO experts can analyze the current results of your page. This includes the conversion rate on various products and what potential clients are searching for the most. Using this information, we will optimize those product pages accordingly. The ability to easily measure SEO campaigns is just another benefit of this marketing method.


What grade will your e-commerce site get? The answer might surprise you!

What To Look For In An E-Commerce SEO Company

There are common practices that every SEO company follows. But the better companies will be able to strategize to produce the most efficient and dynamic results possible.

Here are a few things that separate a good e-commerce SEO company from a great one like Digital Envy:

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E-Commerce Specialization

Just because a company offers SEO services does not mean they understand the best practices for an e-commerce business. An e-commerce SEO company knows the importance of brand and message in marketing content to customers. Even keyword targeting relies on brand and content goals.

They Pay Attention to Off-Page Optimization

Not paying attention to off-page strategies is a big mistake amateur e-commerce SEO companies make. In addition to keywords and content quality, sites are ranked on how popular they are. This is determined by external links. For example, an if a trusted makeup review site links to your product, that external link improves your site’s rep.

In order to keep up with competition, it is important to work on both on-page strategies like improving content quality as well as off-page strategies like getting links and connecting with customers on social media.

They Reach The Right People

Another place where low-quality e-commerce companies mess up is by increasing reader traffic without increasing the number of buyers. You may be wondering: how could an increase in readers not lead to more buyers?

A rookie e-commerce SEO company may try to get your site seen by everyone. The problem here is that the people who you are now reaching are perhaps not interested in the products you are offering. This is because the keywords are not targeted or focused properly towards the right audience.

 They Look Before They Leap

Finally, a good E-Commerce SEO company will complete an e-commerce SEO audit of your site. They will thoroughly research your target audience. Then, they’ll research keywords to determine which will bring in the most motivated readers that can be converted into buyers.

Get More Sales with Our E-Commerce SEO Strategies

Our years of experience in the field make our team of highly trained experts some of the best in the industry. You can trust Digital Envy to optimize your content for search engines. We prioritize increasing targeted and focused user traffic to maximize your conversion rates.

We use our training in various aspects of strategic marketing and search engine mechanics to help you maximize your profits by using:

• Keyword Research

• Internal & External Linking Strategies

• In-depth Analysis of Your Brand and Top-selling Products

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What Makes Digital Envy Different?

We understand that your mission and your goals as a business are unique. Not every business needs the same marketing strategy.

We start by sitting down with you and learning about you and your company. This helps us to better serve you and your brand in the most efficient way possible.

Our combination of tried and true strategies with the newest and most innovative practices in e-commerce SEO make our SEO services some of the most competitive and effective in the industry at this time. We constantly strive to achieve better and better results for our clients. That's why so many companies trust us to increase sales and cut down on marketing costs.

We use multiple steps to bring clients in and convert them into buyers for your products. When you contact us to help you create a winning digital marketing strategy, you can expect to gain:

• Higher Search Engine Rankings

• Increased Brand Awareness

• Tons of New Visitors

• Higher Revenue

The best thing about these results? They last a long, long time.

Most ads are only around for as long as you pay for them. But improving your overall site quality with SEO strategies is an investment that you’ll reap the benefits of for years to come.

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Utilizing our e-commerce SEO services means increasing your sales overall without having to break the bank on inefficient marketing strategies. Your brand and company can grow your way, and we want to help you make that happen as soon as possible. Contact us today for all your e-commerce SEO needs!

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