SEO Case Study - Basement Worx





Basement Worx is a leading basement waterproofing and foundation repair business that services the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Brantford and surrounding areas. They’re a local business that repairs leaky basements on the inside or the outside of your home. They will inspect the foundation and explain to their customers in “plain English” the issues they are faced with AND the right solution to repair them.

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The Problem

Basement Worx is an established company with good Google rankings already, but they knew they were missing out on a lot of potential website traffic and customers because their site was not completely mobile-friendly, and it wasn’t properly mobile optimized. 

They knew that showing up on mobile devices was important, but once we explained to them that 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information and a whopping 88% of consumer local business searches done on a mobile device result in either a call or a visit to that business within 24 hours, they wanted to start right away.

The Solution

With our proven SEO strategies and mobile optimization strategies, Digital Envy can really help any local business make sure their site is mobile friendly and optimized to get a business owner what they want, more customers.

The first step was to make sure their website was indeed mobile-friendly.

We updated the website to a responsive design, added a viewport meta tag, adjusted the font sizes and button size, edited and optimized the images and we identified the key topics people were interested in and created quality content around those topics.

Next was the fun part, optimizing their mobile site to get more traffic, leads and sales.

We identified the key topics (or keywords) people were interested in and created quality content around those topics.

Next using our content performance marketing strategy, we were able to generate and validate dozens of new sales opportunities.

We found dozens of long-tail search terms related to “basement waterproofing” and “foundation repair” that had lower traffic, but tons of relevance and aggregate traffic potential. 

We used these findings to identify opportunities to create new content and expand and optimize their current content for long-term results. 

We also made sure that all the content was available to all users as before some of their services pages and blog posts were hidden from mobile devices – not good!

The Results

After analyzing tons of search data, we quickly realized that people were really interested in how to fix a wet basement and how much it cost to fix a wet basement. 

These website visitors had a lower bounce rate, spent more time on more pages, and converted more often than other visitors.

After optimizing these pages, the keywords quickly rose in rank. For example, “foundation leaks in basement” moved from the 74th spot in the Google search results to the 14th spot after it was optimized and the best keyword we optimized “wet basement waterproofing company” went from the 58 spot to the 7th spot, beating out some of their biggest competitors.

After combining location-based and long-tail keywords with a proven ongoing optimization strategy, the month-over-month results were incredible.

Overall traffic to the mobile version of has jumped by 175%, while page views are up 103%. Overall traffic to the desktop site increased 24% and page views are up 44%. Desktop traffic saw a 38% increase in organic search.

“Working with Digital Envy has helped us better understand what’s working, what’s not working, and where we have opportunities to grow the business. Without Digital Envy, we would still be lost on page 3 of Google. Now we have a focused SEO plan and content marketing strategy that will help us dominate the organic search results.” – Dave Carson, Owner, H &N Basement Worx