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As an Instagram advertising agency, Digital Envy can be your solution for targeting the right customers, saving money on ad spend and scaling your campaigns to meet your ROI goals. Whether your business goal is to announce a new product, increase app downloads, drive traffic to purchase or attend an upcoming event, Instagram ads are proven to reach a highly visual and engaging audience. Our Instagram advertising services can help you tap into the niche market that will love your product or service, quickly getting your business where you want it to be.

Instagram Ad Agency Examples

Here are three reasons why you need to advertise on Instagram.

Digital advertising is growing

Businesses are increasing their budget for digital advertising every year. In fact, the total social media online spend is expected to grow 20% this year, reaching $84 billion. Digital advertising is growing because consumers are spending more time online via computers and mobile devices. Additionally, digital advertising provides more targeting mechanisms than traditional media.

One of the of the world’s largest mobile ads platforms

12,760,000 — that’s how many Instagram users there are in Canada. People aged 25 to 34 are the highest user group at 4,100,000 people and that number is growing. Additionally, Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in Canada, which means there is an entirely new market for your business to access. With such a large base of regular users, Instagram is the ultimate platform to globally reach your target audience.

Highly engaged Instagram audience

​On Instagram, there are over 40 billion photos shared and 3.5 billion likes every single day. Engagement rates on Instagram stay consistent at 4.2% while engagement on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are between 0.3 and 0.7%. The reason that engagement is drastically higher on Instagram is because it’s highly visual and easy to use, making it quick to absorb information as well as allowing a much wider range of people to interact with each other.

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What Can An Instagram Advertising Agency Do For You?


Click to website

With Instagram, you can send people directly to any page on your website that you want them to visit.

Video views

With Instagram, you can send people directly to any page on your website that you want them to visit.

Website conversion

Provide clear call to action buttons such as “Buy Now” or “Shop Now” that enable Instagram users to know exactly what action you intend for them to perform.

Mass awareness

Drive mass awareness to a targeted audience with guaranteed impressions and placement in the top ad position of Instagram’s feed in Photo, Video or Carousel formats.

Mobile app installs

Allow users to download your app – quick, easy and directly taken to the App Store for iOS or Android.

App engagement

Display ads directly to users that have already downloaded your app reminding them of new features and ways to use your app.

How Much Does Instagram Advertising Cost?

Similar to Facebook Advertising, you choose a daily or lifetime budget for each advertising campaign, including how much you are willing to pay per ad result. So far, pricing on Instagram has been averaging a cost-per-thousand views, or CPM, of $5.14 and some clients are seeing an average cost per click, or CPC, of only $0.20!. However, you can expect that cost to drop as more advertisers jump into the system. Most importantly, users are two and a half times more likely to click on ads than on other social media platforms. That means that spending $50 on an Instagram advertising campaign can go much further than on another platform.

What’s The Difference Between Google Ads and Instagram Ads?

There is one big difference between the two. Google AdWords is the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform and has become synonymous with the term “paid search.” The two terms are used interchangeably, even though other platforms such as Bing Ads work in a similar way. Paid search focuses on the targeting of keywords and the use of text-based advertisements. Advertisers using AdWords bid on keywords, specific words and phrases included in search queries entered by Google users in the hopes that their ads will be displayed alongside search results for these queries.

Instagram ads are a prime example of what is known as “paid social,” or the practice of advertising on social networks. With the highest number of monthly active users (or MAUs) of any social network in the world, Instagram has become a highly competitive and potentially lucrative element of many businesses’ digital advertising strategies.

Using An Instagram Advertising Agency Helps With Your ROI.

Although Instagram advertising can be thought of as similar to Google Ads, in that advertisers using both platforms are essentially promoting their business via the Internet, this is where the similarities end. Unlike paid search, which helps businesses find new customers via keywords, paid social helps users find businesses based on the things they’re interested in and the ways in which they behave online.

Think of it this way: Google Ads helps a customer with a specific need find you, while Instagram advertising helps you find customers before they have the need that your product or service helps satisfy.

Why Digital Envy?

We are one of Hamilton’s premier and faster growing digital marketing companies. Why? Because we not only get our clients results (we often exceed their expectations), but because we care.

If you are a local business owner odds are that you already know how important it is these days for your business to be found online, whether that be on Google or on social media channels such as Facebook.

But the problem most local business owners face today is finding the time to help their business grow online. That’s why so many local businesses are turning to Digital Envy not as a digital marketing agency, but as a partner.

We want every local business we work with to succeed and reach their goals as much as they do.

That’s why we want to earn your business every month, which is why we have no sign up fees and require no long term contracts.

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