SEO Case Study - Fairway Electrical





Established in 1991, Fairway Electrical Services Inc. has been a family-owned and operated full-service Electrical Contracting Service serving the Ancaster, Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Cambridge and Kitchener area. 

Under the guidance of third-generation family members in the electrical field, Fairway Electrical Services Inc. has become the largest, leading electrical contracting business in the Hamilton Region, offering a complete line of quality electrical and utility services.

SEO Case Study

The Problem

Basically, Fairway Electrical didn’t exist.

At least according to Google because you couldn’t find them anywhere in the Google search results, no matter what keyword you used.

To put it lightly, they were missing out on a whole lot of business.

They needed to rank for searches like electrical services, hydrovac services, directional boring, excavation services etc.

They also needed to make sure that they showed up in local search results, so they could get qualified leads that they could turn into customers, so showing up in the Google Maps search results was very important.

After all, 92% of searchers will pick business they find on the first page of Google. No one visits page two, or page three etc.

The Solution

Of course, there was a lot to do (on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, site speed optimization, mobile optimization, fixing errors, changing the site structure etc.). Things that any good SEO company should do. 

But one of the key factors that make Digital Envy stand out from all the other SEO companies out there is that we believe in mapping out the right content to the right stage of the customer journey.

First, we do lots of research (tons of it) to identify the attractive keyword opportunities and segment the visitors they represent, based on the intent that each keyword represents. 

This is exactly what we did for Fairway Electrical Services.

With our research completed, we were able to not only understand what it took to rank locally on page one of Google for some highly competitive keywords, but also what it would take to rank in the Google Maps three-pack. 

Then we started to create specific blog content and services pages that satisfied each stage of the customer journey. 

For example, Fairway knew that some of their website visitors were “just-looking” or in the awareness stage, so part of the content was created in a more informational style, such as including details about “what is…” or “how do we solve problem XYZ?” 

The last factor was the most important one, the CTA (call-to-action). We made sure to include a primary CTA for each new page to guide site visitors toward taking the next step, like “book a consultation,” or “contact us today.” 

You’d be surprised at how many local businesses never include a CTA anywhere on their blog posts or their product/services pages.

The Results

According to the Fairway Electrical Services accounting department since we started working together to implement our SEO strategy they have seemed a minimum 12% increase in business and it keeps getting better.

Their indexed keywords have increased 305%, while their organic traffic to has increased by 231%. 

This increase in website traffic has led to more qualified leads, which have turned into more customers. 

“Working with Digital Envy has revolutionized our business. We were always successful but we has no idea the impact that showing up in specific Google search results and for specific keywords could do for our business. Digital Envy is worth every penny and we look forward to working with them to keep growing our business.” – Jason Herd, VP Fairway Electrical Services