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Social media is the future in more ways than one. Not only does everyone and their grandma have a Facebook account, but businesses are utilizing the programs as well. Having a digital presence is essential to boost your company to the next level. It’s no longer enough to have a Yelp review site barely up and running.  

If you want to attract a bigger audience, social media is your best friend. But where should you start? We’ll take you through the average day in the life at our social media marketing agency so that you get a clear picture. 

Digital Envy Facebook Advertising Services

Why Should I Focus on Social Media Marketing for My Business?

The question we get a lot is, why should I pay attention to social media for my company? Because everyone is online. Though that answer is short and to the point, there is more nuance to it. If you want to grow your brand, build meaningful relationships with your audience, and increase exposure for your website, social media is essential. 

We use the internet as a mouthpiece, spreading hundreds of thousands of messages per second. Social media marketing is one of the sections of that mouthpiece, and it’s a widely utilized one at that. If you want to grow your business quickly and see success, social media is one of your most reliable bets. 

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Increase visibility and brand awareness.

Nearly everyone uses social media, including your target market, making it a top place to be discovered. When you have a strong social media presence, you will regularly be posting content and using hashtags that will bring a new and wider audience to you. 

The more often you are seen by more people, the deeper your visibility grows and awareness of your brand grows with it. We ensure a social media strategy that gets your business name and content in front of a vast amount of people. By doing so, your followers will increase, which is the beginning of building that professional relationship that ends up leading to conversion.

Connect with your audience.

On social media, the connection is built through engagement. By receiving likes and comments, your engagement increases. When your engagement increases, you have the ability to respond to and connect with your audience. Answer their questions, repost their tags in your Stories, provide them with something of substance that shows them you are accessible and ready to answer questions and connect with them. 

By focusing on engagement, we are helping to ensure your audience feels cared for, heard, and understood. Your brand will develop strong and secure professional relationships with your audience, in order to increase the likelihood that when they are in need, help will be given in the form of solutions via product or service.

Increase your website traffic.

One of the goals that social media marketing focuses on is driving traffic to your website in order to increase conversions. This is accomplished by utilizing social media as a host for advertising campaigns that include a link or call-to-action directing the audience to your website.

There are a number of great features on many popular social media platforms that make it simple to design and run unique ads, sending people the way of your website. Digital Envy knows how

Create excellent social media content your audience will love.

Each of your social media accounts needs a plethora of great content, whether in captions, photos, shared articles, or Stories. This content is what will essentially make or break your audience in terms of even following you. When you provide regular, valuable content, you are showing your audience that you are an expert in your industry and that they should listen to you. 

Content is really the means to the end. Content sends traffic to your website. Content gives your audience something to share or repost. Content allows you to take a step up in the eyes of your audience. 

However, if the content doesn’t provide substance, relevance, and value, it can do quite the opposite. At Digital Envy, we will craft unique, valuable content that shows your audience who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should listen to you.

What Digital Envy Focuses On

There is a lot of social media agencies fishing for your partnership, so why should you choose Digital Envy? Our social media marketing services are high-quality, and we focus on your company/vision first and foremost. We work with local businesses in the Hamilton area to craft the campaigns they desire.  

Our focus is on getting you the results you seek, without compromising your funds or schedule. We will only utilize the social media platforms that you feel fit your brand. Plus, you’ll receive daily reports of audience engagement and image growth. With Digital Envy, you’re investing in a social media management agency with your soundest interest at heart. 

Our Marketing Strategy

Our social media marketing strategy combines SEO, natural engagement, and compelling posts to provide you results. If you already have social media accounts created, we will match our tone, messaging, and strategy to already implemented campaigns. Our team works to adapt to the voice of your brand. 

Social media posts tend to have a short lifespan. Because of this, we focus our strategy on the long-term, adapting postings to suit the ever-changing internet scape. We will never launch a campaign without your approval. Digital Envy works to be your right-hand assistant in all things social media. 

Facebook Marketing

We are a Facebook marketing agency, among other things. We combine page management with targeted advertising. We will optimize your Facebook page to hit your SEO targets. As well, we engage daily with audience members to grow your following. Our crew can create Facebook videos, messenger campaigns, and whatever else you desire. Every post, like, or ad goes through your team first, then we send it out.  

Our social media marketing agency has a close working relationship with the teams at Facebook. Because of that status, we can give you insights into the company. We can tailor strategies and campaigns to suit what works on the platform. From there, we provide you with daily reports to track your progress towards your goals. If a strategy isn’t working, we brainstorm with you to either adjust or change the plan. 

Instagram Marketing

Though not yet as popular as Facebook, Instagram is a monster in the social media playing field. Over 600 million people have Instagram accounts, of which 75 million regularly engage in the app. The platform is unique in that photos are the primary method of communication. With Instagram marketing, our focus is on crafting a story that suits your brand.  

Among other things, we provide direct click-through website functionality on your Instagram account. The function allows your viewers to go right to your page from both your profile and your posts. Digital Envy also provides distinct call-to-action buttons on postings so that your audience can engage further with your content and you can build more brand awareness and get more leads.

Work With Us.

Social media is a game-changer in the modern world of advertisement. The majority of marketing has shifted to the digital playing field. At Digital Envy, we understand the importance of consistency in the internet-scape. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in social media so that your business remains ahead of the curve.   

Partnering with us means partnering with one of the best social media marketing companies. We optimize your pages, posts, and campaigns to naturally reach your audience. Our strategy combines SEO, natural engagement, and advertising operations to locally and nationally grow your brand. 

Digital Envy dedicates itself to keeping our services affordable. We won’t blindside you with hidden fees or additional charges.

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