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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you’re into online marketing, you’ve probably heard this saying before – “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” It’s so true. As a small business owner in Hamilton, you need to be able to see and document exactly how your social media marketing campaigns are working. Are they helping your reputation? Increasing your visibility? Helping you get more leads and conversions? 

Here at Digital Envy, we have tracked and measured social media results for a huge variety of businesses across Ontario, both large and small. What makes our approach so special is that we understand that each client is unique and has their own distinct goals and we create a strategic plan that works specifically for each client. It’s not a one-size fits all approach.

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Insightful Analytics

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Ever wonder what your customers and raving fans are saying? Good or bad? Are you able to track and analyze your social media marketing campaigns to see that they are working? Guessing is not the answer. You absolutely need to know what is being said about your business, who is saying it and if the message that you are trying to get across is gaining traction.

For our analysis services, we use high-tech, super-amazing monitoring technology that seeks out all the critical information on your social media platforms and we break it down into easy-to-understand reports. We always take the time to go over these reports with each client before making any changes and moving forward.

Design and Media

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Are you only using written content to get your message out there on social media? That’s great, but did you know that less than 3 percent of your target audience will see it? That means no likes, shares or comments. But here’s a little secret – add some unique photos, graphics and video and BOOM!  Your social media engagement will skyrocket.

We have worked with so many different clients in so many different niches, launching new products and supporting brand extensions. We work within your branding guidelines (or create them for you) and we also know what works, sticks and converts.

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