7 Reasons Why Every Small Business Website Should Be Using WordPress

7 Reasons Why Every Small Business Website Should Be Using WordPress

Millions of people spend hours daily scouring the Internet for information. Often, they’re looking for certain products, services, or companies. How do they find you?

Your website, of course.

Many small organizations, start-up businesses, individual proprietors, and some big brands use WordPress to build their websites. If you want your small business to be found by search engines and to provide the right website for your customers, WordPress may be the right solution for you.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Let’s step back from WordPress for a moment to understand a particular type of software: the CMS.

This class of tool enables you to build your site without doing any coding, making it easy to complete the task. The site infrastructure is already done for you.

Individuals and business people with a little basic know-how and no special training can figure out how to use a CMS and to build their own websites that look good and function well. Users have created sites for blogging only, portfolio sharing, e-commerce, and more.

What Is A CMS

What is WordPress?

The origins of WordPress lie in blogging. Although it’s still the best blogging tool out there, WordPress has evolved into a Content Management System perfect for building a website.

It has many valuable features to produce user interaction, and you can make changes to your website quickly. WordPress is flexible and easy to learn. It comes with optional pre-designed themes, the ability to add plugins for added functionality, and the inherent structuring of your content up for search engine optimization (SEO).

WordPress comes with two available versions. The original, open-source to is WordPress.org. It’s free, having been built over time by a dedicated software community. It’s self-hosted, so you’ll incur costs for hosting and a domain name at a minimum. Some plugins and themes found online have a cost as well. You design what you want, how you want, and it’s all yours.

WordPress.com is a managed site. You can register for the free version of .com, which provides hosting, themes, a subdomain name and other options, or you can upgrade to one of the inexpensive plans that offer premium features.

It’s not as customizable as the .org version, but it’s very easy to use and has enough features for many bloggers and small businesses. It doesn’t support e-commerce but it does well for many other purposes.

Using WordPress enables you to design a website easily. However, if designing websites isn’t your specialty, and you want an optimal design, consider hiring a web design consultant or firm to design your site on WordPress.

What Makes WordPress a Good CMS?

Since WordPress.org offers more options and customizability for the robust website design that most businesses need, we’ll focus on what makes this powerful version a good CMS.

Here are 7 reasons why every small business should be using WordPress.

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1. It’s free

The WordPress software is completely free. You never pay a fee directly for the software. As noted previously, you will have some costs for hosting, domain name purchase, and special options of your choosing that are bought online, not through WordPress.

2. It’s safe and secure

WordPress security is a priority of the community of developers. As Content Management Systems go, WordPress ranks high in security. You can add on security plugins if you want further protection for your website.

3. It’s easy to setup, manage, use and update

If you know how to use a computer, you can tackle WordPress. You’ll find a variety of beginner’s guides online if you should need help. Once you’ve completed a design task, your WordPress site will be easy to manage and update later.

4. It’s search engine friendly

WordPress has been designed to structure web content with SEO in mind. This means that your content is set up the right way for the search engines to find your website.  Adding SEO plugins enhances this feature, as does well-written, targeted content.

5. It’s mobile friendly 

WordPress boasts many themes that are ready for mobile use without compromise. Your users will see the site in the way intended by you. For the website designer, you can work on the WordPress dashboard as easily as on a laptop or personal computer.

6. It has a great online community

WordPress support forums, on the site and on the web, provide a good source of information for both new and experienced users. If you like to chat with other about your design or ask for help with the software, you’ll be happy with your online community options.

7. E-commerce solutions are available for any type of small business

WordPress offers a powerful, flexible solution for e-commerce. You can set up multisites and a network of stores, or one online shop as needed. WordPress provides all the functionality needed.

While we’ve listed 7 reasons why every small business should be using WordPress, you’ll find more and more benefits to using the software tools as you use it.

Even knowing that you can use WordPress to build a website without special technical knowledge, you may not know enough about design or have any extra time to work on your site. Maybe you’re thinking about changing your current website to WordPress, but aren’t sure if you should do so.

These are great reasons to call Digital Envy to assist you with your web design. We specialize in WordPress design. Currently, we’re offering a free website audit, so don’t miss out on your chance for some free input from the experts.

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