Why Is Lead Generation So Hard?

why is lead generation so hard

As a small business, lead generation is incredibly important. However, it also proves to be a thorn in the side for many business owners. Lead generation can be especially tricky for those who are new to the game, trying to learn all of the ins and outs of marketing, leads, and just simply running a business. 

Learning how to effectively generate leads can cause a lot of turmoil and stress for business owners. They know that they need to understand it, yet they have trouble getting the swing of all the intricate details. 

In order to make sure you understand the basics of generating leads and to learn how to do so effectively, you need to know why lead generation is so difficult. By understanding why it’s hard, you’ll better understand what not to do and how to keep your marketing efforts focused and on point.

Lead Generation Can Be Confusing

Lead generation can be very confusing, especially for those who are new to it. There is so much information out there, even conflicting information, that small businesses and startups often find themselves at a loss for what to listen to and what to do. 

Many marketing businesses sell digital marketing services, ensuring small businesses that they will remove the confusion and do the hard work for them. While these services can be useful, often they serve to just confuse businesses even more.

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Hiring out for your digital marketing might be a great choice, but it’s important that you understand it before you make that decision. Without understanding lead generation, you could very likely just be spending tons of money on something you could simply and affordably do yourself. 

In order to generate leads, a business really just needs to develop a great digital marketing strategy. This is something they can easily do by utilizing social media marketing, email, and learning how to craft relevant and creative content. 

Technology is another tool that provides the ability for businesses to simply generate leads, yet it also is a huge part of the confusion that businesses go through. This is because technology provides the opportunity for effective and affordable digital marketing, yet also makes businesses feel secure in those efforts as if they don’t need to include the essential human connection. While you use technology in your lead generation, make sure you are also taking the time to reach out and connect with your leads in person.

Lead Generation Can Take A Lot Of Time

Lead generation can take up a lot of time. Those who are new to it often spend long hours developing content, connecting with leads, and designing ads. This is time that they could be spending on other business aspects that no one else can take care of.

Learning how to effectively generate leads is a long process that requires a whole lot of trial and error. Once it is understood and a great strategy is developed, the time spent on it will lessen greatly. However, in the meantime, it can require more of a business owner than they are able to give.

This can be a great reason to look into hiring a digital marketing company that will take care of your lead generation for you. They already know the ins and outs of lead generation and will be able to effectively and efficiently make it happen.

For those who desire going it alone, it’s important to understand the time consumption ahead of time. This will allow you to better prepare for the time you need to learn about generating leads, as well as the time you need to develop and implement your first few digital marketing strategies.

Lead Generation Can Be Expensive

Lead Generation Can Be Expensive

Lead generation can be costly. While digital marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing and lead generation, such as purchasing commercial spots and printing materials by the thousands, the cost can still add up. 

Pay-Per-Click ads are cheaper than traditional ads, especially since you only pay for the ad if it is clicked on, yet when you have ads all over the web, you could end up paying a lot. Include the cost of a web domain and hosting, content creation, as well as any marketing, design, and social media management that you hire out, and you’re suddenly paying a lot for lead generation. In fact, the more people you set out to reach, the more you are going to pay. 

The expense is great when you’re focused on generating leads, yet it is a necessary expense if you are looking to grow and scale your business. It may be worth it to spend the money and hire a company to take care of your lead generation for you, or it might be something you want to attempt yourself. Either way, you should expect to spend a good deal of money when you are getting started. 

The good news is, many of your leads will pay off and become conversions, helping to provide you with a high return on investment.

The Final Word

It can seem daunting when you first start out, but as you see it begin to pay off, you’ll realize that the cost, the time, and the confusing beginnings were all worth it. The bottom line is, you can’t have a successful business without generating a number of warm leads that are likely to convert. If you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. 

Lead generation is sure to take up a lot of time, money, and effort, whether you hire a company to help you or not. It’s something that you’re just going to have to jump into feet first and learn about it as you go. 

Fortunately, lead generation doesn’t have to be hard. Once you understand it and know what you’re doing, once you’ve figured out your target market and have developed a working strategy that reaches them, it will become like second nature to you. So jump on in, hold on for your life, and get started.

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