seoThere is so much buzz about search engine optimization (SEO) that it can be hard to weed through the information. If you are new to digital marketing you may have never heard the term before, if you have been around for a while you are on overload with the term.

SEO is vital to the success of your digital marketing campaign. It is something that takes the experience to master and it is strongly recommended that you leave it up to the experts.

What is SEO?

In a nutshell, it is content that gets the attention of search engines by using keywords and phrases that the search engines recognize. It is used to drive traffic to your website so that visitors can learn about your business and find the products or services that they are looking for.

SEO is not magical, it does not carry the weight of getting your website recognized on its own. It is typically used as part of an overall marketing plan that includes other components like social media marketing to drive traffic and engage your target audience.

The Website

A lot of business owners that are new to digital marketing think having a website built is all they should worry about. The fact is the website is only part of the plan. A website without visitors is just as bad as not having a website.

The whole purpose of your business website is to reach your audience, get people interested in your products or services and perhaps do some eCommerce. The problem is how do you get people to find your website online?

Your website is competing with trillions of websites. Each time someone does a search that is related to your product or service, you want the search engine (Google, Bing, and others) to recognize your website as the potential best match for what the user is searching for. To put the importance into perspective, Google is responsible for driving about 96% of traffic from mobile users. This is where good SEO comes in.

Effective SEO Is Not Easy!

Without getting into too much detail, search engines use algorithms to determine what the best response is to a user’s inquiry. These algorithms change frequently, so what worked six months ago, may not work today to get the attention of the search engines.

Being “ranked” high enough by search engines is very important. Studies indicate that users rarely go beyond the first page of results and typically click on the results that are nearest to the top of the first page. Improving your ranking starts with solid SEO services.

Best Advice For an Effective Campaign

There are a lot of parts and pieces that go into designing effective search engine optimization. The best advice to get the best results is to go with a team that understands what it takes to deliver effective optimization. Choose the team that delivers the SEO Hamilton business owners depend on for results.