Hello, I’m Michael Horvath, proud owner of Digital Envy and a local business owner, just like you.

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Helping local businesses grow their business by using proven SEO (search engine optimization)PPC (pay per click) strategies and social media marketing is what I and the Digital Envy team, love to do. 

There’s no better feeling than taking a local business from where they currently ARE, to where they know the SHOULD BE, all the way to where they COULD BE. 

That’s what Digital Envy is all about. Helping each and every client we work with achieve their dreams.

It’s such a great feeling when a local business owner tells me…

“Without your help, we would have kept on spinning our wheels and getting nowhere.” - Ed Wood, Premier Martial Arts


"What you do is amazing! I never thought my business would ever be on the first page of Google, let alone show up in the Google Maps search results!" - Medusa Hair Design, Dundas

Here’s a little bit more about me 
(even though I hate talking about myself).

I design, create, wonder, strategize, manage, imagine, analyze and optimize everything that has to do with digital marketing and my clients.

Why? Because I absolutely love what I do. Learning and teaching digital marketing has literally changed my life. 

Passion grips me, enamours me, motivates me, pushes me to seek truth and meaning and reason and that’s why I give a shit. Why should you?

Well, because you know what you do and why you do it and who you do it for, but do your customers know that? Does your message mean something to your audience? Does it give them a reason to want? To need? To inspire change? To incite action? Do they care about what you do and what your business is all about?

I’m here to make sure they do.

You dedicate your precious time to do everything possible to help your business grow, and I’m here to help make sure people can find you online and turn them into customers.

I dedicate my precious time to share your story, whatever it is. Whether your message is to drive sales, drive engagement, spread awareness, spread love, increase loyalty, increase action: I’ll keep telling it to whoever you want it to reach.  

And I’ll find different ways to tell them until they’re listening, really listening, not caring about time or money or fear or effort just knowing that what they’re being told means something.

And that is something to give a shit about. So… 

What’s your story?

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