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In the ever-changing digital marketing world, everyone is vying for that competitive edge that will get them to the top. More importantly, to the top of page 1 of the Google search results page.

Without an online presence, you don’t exist. Even with an online presence, if it’s not properly optimized, and your competition is, guess who’s going to get the clicks, traffic, and new customers?

Let’s face it – the old-school way of “word of mouth” marketing is basically dead.

But growing a successful local business isn’t as simple as having a website or a business page on all the popular social media sites.

Your business and its services must stand out from all the others and be utilizing the services of a digital marketing agency is the first step to realizing a larger customer base and more site traffic.

To gain a competitive edge with an experienced digital marketing agency in Hamilton, call us at Digital Envy today and start seeing great results with your website, content, and business.

What Does A Digital Marketing Agency Do Anyway?

Digital marketing is like marketing for any business—the only true difference is that we focus on making your business or website stand out among the rest in the online world.

When potential customers are looking for services, they will typically start with a Google search. This is why it doesn’t stop at just having a website or a page on Facebook and LinkedIn. It requires marketing your business in a way to ensure that Google will lead them to your sites and pages.

The hard part then is finding a way to generate content on your sites and pages that will increase your content’s relevance on search engines. This will increase the chances that your content is some of the first results a potential client or customer will see.

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Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use algorithms that keep content relevance objective and cater the results to be as close to what the user wants as possible. This means these engines are basing the order of the results based on how closely that site’s content fit the original search.

Knowing how to make your business stand out is key to your digital marketing, and that’s where we come in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a digital marketing agency, our goal at Digital Envy is to see our client’s online footprint moved not just to the first page of Google, but to the first result in any search. We will transform your site or page’s content to be relevant and fresh.

Through search engine optimization or SEO, we identify keywords and phrases that will make your content best fit the most likely search phrases. We will provide carefully written content that appears natural while deliberately increasing awareness of your business. Our SEO services offer you these benefits:

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  • Organic Searches: The goal is to create content that is presented naturally but as a priority. Search engine companies and even users are turned off by irrelevant ads and information, but SEO allows for organic yet targeted results that will increase your site traffic and the overall percentage of visitors that actually utilize your services.
  • Cut Down on Ad Costs: SEO allows you to increase awareness of your business and services through content alone. An experienced digital agency will provide SEO that increases you advertising power while decreasing your monthly advertisement spending.

If you believe your website needs some sprucing up, use our FREE SEO Report Card  tool to find out where your content stands in the vast world of Google. For those looking for a digital marketing agency in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, call us today at 905-531-8130 to schedule your free strategy session.

Pay Per Click Advertising (AdWords)

This is perhaps the most successful way to advertise your business online. This allows our clients to set the price for PPC that best fits their budgets. PPC is also great for targeted advertisement. We will work with you to create a PPC plan that homes in on and finds the most relevant audience for your services or content. PPC also allows clients to keep a better track on how much they are spending on advertising.

  • Clicks to Customers: Because pay per click marketing allows for more targeted advertising, this naturally increases the chance that visitors will become future customers.
  • Detailed Analytics: Because PPC is a more measurable form of advertisement, this allows us to monitor the success of your competitors in order to constantly improve the marketing strategy for your business – keeping your content at the top and making sure potential customers see only you.     
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Social Media Marketing

Like any good digital marketing agency, we do not stop at SEO. We also offer innovative strategies to boost your social media marketing.

Advertising your business and services on social media sites, especially using Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising, are probably one of the easiest ways to market. You do not have to fool around with building a website from scratch, and everyone uses these sites. The only problem is that all your competitors are on social media as well. Thus, like Google, it is about enhancing your social media profiles to better engage with users and generate greater awareness of your content.

  • Leave No Stone Unturned: We will help you exploit social media in order to create a massive online presence for you and your company. We will identify all relevant and popular social media platforms and provide a presence for you.
  • Regular Maintenance: Once we have created and implemented your social media presence, we will then analyse the success of your content and user awareness on a monthly basis. This will allow us to generate strategies for better exploitation of social media for your business.
  • Full Service Station: Our social media services cover every aspect of running social media sites. With so many out there and so much new content needing to be generated on those profiles, we understand that simply maintaining a winsome social media presence is a full-time job. Our services not only provide generated content, but once approved, we will maintain posting that content as well.
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    If you're a local business who is looking to increase their website traffic, increase brand awareness, get more leads and ultimately, more customers, it might be a good idea to consider our amazing digital marketing services here at Digital Envy. Contact us today at 905.531.8130 and see measurable improvements in site traffic, customers and profits.. Just like for your prospective customers, better advertising is just a click or call away.

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