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A car dealership’s success largely depends on its inventory and salespeople. Potential customers might drop by the car lot to browse your selection. They might talk through options and take a test drive. Then your team matches them with the vehicle they’ve always wanted.

The brick-and-mortar works, but it has one disadvantage. It doesn’t reach modern car buyers.

Have you been struggling with visitors and sales? Automotive social media marketing is what your dealership needs (and car dealer PPC and automotive SEO can really help too).

Too many car dealerships neglect their social media presence. But every successful car dealership can benefit from these online platforms. Social media enhances customer interaction, lead generation, and brand identity.

Anyone can try their hand at posting on social media. However, not every method is effective. Let our automotive marketing strategists at Digital Envy help you make the most out of your platforms.

Learn more about our automotive social media marketing services today. Find out how you can outpace the competition and drive your dealership to the top.

Car Dealer Facebook Ads

Automotive Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads Are A Must

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. Nearly 80% of Canadian adults use Facebook. Even more crucially, nearly three-quarters of this group visit Facebook at least once per day.

If your car dealership isn’t taking advantage of Facebook, you miss out on the chance to tap a broad audience base. College students, suburban parents, CEOs—they all have one thing in common: Facebook. Your potential customers are on this platform and others like it. You should be, too.

A car dealership in the age of social media must optimize its presence on this platform. With Digital Envy, you’re in luck. Our team can create effective automotive Facebook ads for your dealership.

Social Media Marketing Car

Our ads cover anything from presenting featured inventory to promoting special incentives. We also create car dealership Facebook ads focused on improving your brand image. 

We create each Facebook ad to capture your audience’s attention. Our team strategizes various ad delivery methods to spread the word about your car dealership. We employ a combination of single-image, carousel, and slideshow ads. The result? A dealership marketing campaign that piques the interest of current and potential customers. 

With every automotive Facebook ad, our team combines engaging copywriting and eye-catching graphic design. Every unique ad is enticing and will make your audience stop in their tracks. They can’t help but want to visit your dealership site and find out more about your offers.

Why Should A Dealership Invest In Facebook Ads?

Most of the Canadian adult population is on Facebook. Often, users scroll through their feed to entertain themselves. However, some users actively use this platform to find a new vehicle.

Facebook may be the first step in a user’s car-buying journey.

Why let a competing dealer steal your potential leads?

Automotive Facebook ads let you reach your ideal car shoppers. These campaigns reach users while they are making critical decisions.

But you don’t need to spend excessive time trying to stay up-to-date on the latest Facebook ad features and techniques. Instead, allow our experts at Digital Envy to help.

We integrate various ad types and take advantage of Facebook’s latest features. All the while, our team keeps your costs low and conversions high.

This way, you can do what you do best: running your dealership! Dedicate your time and efforts to interfacing with your potential customers. Let us expertly manage your Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

Automotive Social Media Marketing

Our Social Media Services – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and More

Facebook may be where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, but it’s not all there is. Our team offers social media marketing for car dealerships on the leading platforms. 

We generate an excellent ROI with advertising on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other popular platforms. 

Our strategists work with you to create the perfect car dealership social media strategy. 

Check out how we can help you reach your potential customers across all platforms:

Targeted Advertising

It may sound ideal if you could get every Facebook user to view your ad. However, that broad strokes approach can end up costing you. You may end up paying for views or clicks that don’t land sales. 

Don’t pay for ads that don’t produce real leads and attract paying customers. 

If you want your car dealership Facebook ads to be worth the investment, you need a multi-pronged approach. You need a diverse portfolio of ad targeting strategies. 

Our team will create broad ads and messages to solidify your brand. When you want to advertise a current deal or vehicle model, we can fine-tune your ads. 

We also target specific audiences. We can tailor your advertising down to the smallest detail.

Everything from location to demographics goes into how we create custom audience groups. This way, only local, interested customers will view the ads you’re paying to show them. 

As part of our social media marketing for car dealerships, we also can employ re-targeting techniques. Has a potential customer been looking for a car on other sites? Have they already checked your dealership site once but failed to follow through on your amazing offers? 

Retargeting keeps your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds. 

Rarely do internet users convert to customers the first time they visit a website. Our team works tirelessly to get them to return and buy from your dealership.

Customer Engagement

Our ads and campaigns foster engagement between your dealership and potential customers. We facilitate a positive relationship with your customers by: 

  • Administering giveaways and charity contents
  • Encouraging and responding to positive customer reviews
  • Monitoring and addressing negative comments
  • Driving traffic to custom landing pages

Our car dealership social media strategy will help you maintain a positive brand image. Think of us as a resource that will enable you to engage with new and current customers alike.

Data-Driven Reporting

Our automotive social media marketing operates with transparency. 

Our reports show where your investment goes and what goals it achieves, leveraging: 

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook reporting
  • Proprietary reporting tools
  • Metrics, including views, clicks, impressions, and website visits 

Our reporting shows data-based performance results. With this information, you’ll get a complete picture of how your car dealership marketing is thriving. 

With years of experience in our industry, we are always looking to improve. Use our reports to take your car dealership social media strategy to the next level.

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