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We help car dealers rank at the top of the Google search results and on Google Maps with our automotive SEO services.

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Are you looking to increase traffic to your car dealership’s website? Have you been working hard for leads and sales without seeing results? If this has been your experience, it’s time for a change. 

At Digital Envy, our automotive marketing team of automotive SEO experts can help you rise to the top of the marketplace. We generate thousands of real-time leads for businesses all the time. We help dealerships just like yours achieve the best car dealer search engine marketing results. 

Ready to blast your competition out of the water and become the leading dealership? Contact us today to learn more about how we can leverage automotive local SEO to work to your advantage! 

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More Quality Website Traffic

It’s no secret that customers are using Google more and more to find vehicles, check prices, read reviews and comparison shop. More often than not, the first time consumers walk into your dealership, they’ve already checked you out online. The more findable you are online, the more floor traffic you’ll have and the more sales you’ll make. We make sure that your dealership shows up at the top of the Google search results.

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More Google Maps Views

Can customers find your dealership? Where does everyone go when looking for directions? Google Maps. Your dealership needs to show up on Google Maps, and our Google My Business optimization experts make it happen. You know what else shows up in Google Maps. Your dealership reviews. We work with you to get as many 5-star reviews as possible.

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Grow Your Market Share

Not only do you want your dealership showing up for branded search terms, but you also want to make sure you show up for keywords like “best family SUV” or mid-size car reviews. With our car dealer SEO services we work hard to make sure your dealership shows up for the most important keywords, your potential customers are searching for.

Why Is Specific Automotive SEO So Important For Your Car Dealership?

What makes automotive SEO campaigns suitable for meeting your monthly sales quotas? Here’s how we can help: 

Full-Service Car Dealer SEO Agency

Full-service SEO means we handle your brand’s image, online ranking, service pages, and more—think of full-service SEO as the best car dealership commercial, but better. 

Our full-service SEO improves your website from top to bottom. It puts your dealership in front of the audiences that matter the most: potential car buyers. 

We revamp your site so that it attracts the most potential buyers possible. We provide automotive blogging and other types of content writing. When relevant, these pages will be specific to your dealership’s city to improve your website’s SEO. 

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Some of the content pages we can produce for your company include:

  • New and used car results pages
  • Pages designed to take over local areas
  • Pages designed to take over specific competitors
  • Service coupon and vehicle specials pages
  • Trade-in pages

Our content-rich pages will dramatically increase your visibility online, but that’s not all we do. We also monitor your website’s health to check for Google updates and repair any issues, including:

  • Missing or duplicate meta tags
  • Broken links
  • Missing or broken images 

You stick to servicing vehicles, and our automotive SEO agency will provide the full-service SEO your dealership needs!

Automotive Local SEO

Your dealership’s latest deals won’t land sales if its website only receives clicks from people in a different province. 

With automotive local SEO, you’ll reach potential buyers in your area. Our SEO pros will finetune your: 


  • Google My Business Listing 
  • Maps and location searches
  • Optimize your site for local searches

Car Dealer Search Engine Marketing

Do you want your dealership to show up as one of the top advertisements whenever someone searches for “car dealer in __________ [city]”? 

To land that coveted spot, you need quality car dealer search engine marketing. This type of marketing uses paid advertisements to get you near the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). 

This practice can generate quick leads and is valuable for many dealerships. However, it’s not ideal for building a long-term online presence. You have to balance the results with your budget. 

As a full-service automotive SEO agency, we will help you perfect your paid advertising and organic traffic. 

Rankings at the Top of Organic Results

When it comes to SEO, the primary goal is to get as close to the top of SERPs as possible.

With our organic SEO approaches, we can get your dealership rank at the top of search results—and stay there. Our team works to get you on the first page of the most popular search engines, including Google and Bing.

But more than that, we help you stay on that first page so that you remain relevant for months or even years! We get your dealership to rank highly with relevant keywords so that anyone on the internet can find you.

Our car dealer SEO experts cover all of your operation’s relevant areas, including:


  • Purchases for parts
  • Service appointments
  • Vehicle sales

High-Quality Website Traffic

Our strategic automotive and car dealer SEO means you get high-quality traffic instead of unfocused, irrelevant traffic from customers who have no intention of purchasing a vehicle. 

The difference between traffic and high-quality traffic is critical, especially for car dealerships. While you want as many people looking at your website pages as possible, not all traffic will be beneficial. Some people have landed on your website by accident. Others are maybe pondering future options but nowhere near close to completing their buyer’s journey. 

Bottom line: you want relevant and interested customers to land on your website. 

Our team gets the ideal customers to click on and view your website. We finetune your dealership’s website to help you get the most from your SEO investment 

Once we have implemented the proper changes, you’ll notice an increase in high-quality traffic. Customers who are actively looking for a new vehicle will become the most popular kinds of visitors to your website.  

Our process helps you increase your overall conversions. You’ll notice more and more visitors turning into leads, which will give your dealership many more opportunities to sell its vehicles.  

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Boost Brand Credibility

Brand credibility is everything—especially for car dealerships, and especially for working in the online sphere. 

When your potential customers are shopping around for a new vehicle, they want someone they can trust. Purchasing a new car, truck, or minivan is not a decision they take lightly.  

As a dealership owner, you probably know better than anyone else that your customers want assurance they are buying from a reputable business. But without the right automotive local SEO, your customers may not see your credibility. 

GeoMarketing reports that more than 80% of car shoppers perform online research before visiting a dealership. Why miss out on capturing the attention of all of these potential customers?   

Through our effective SEO practices, we will increase your visibility online. We will help you generate a ton of positive reviews, showing other potential customers that your dealership is the one.

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Outstanding Customer Experiences

Any salesperson knows the customer experience is what ultimately makes or breaks the deal. 

In the lot or on the showroom floor, you can help your customer navigate the deals and vehicles suited for them. But online, not every customer will interact with your company in the same way. 

Some people will prefer to check out deals and offers online, while others will want to visit your location in person. In any case, our automotive local SEO services will help you cater to your customers’ needs. 

We ensure that all information relevant to your customers is available in a clear and systematized way. This way, customers can easily read through your website and decide if an in-person visit is worth it. Our fine-tuned strategies guarantee outstanding customer experiences every time.

Competitor Monitoring

Your dealership is probably constantly monitoring competitor deals, acquisitions, and sales. You probably know the salespeople at the other dealerships. 

With online automotive SEO, it’s no different. You need to analyze what the competition is doing and what you can do better. 

Our automotive SEO agency will analyze the local relevance, online visibility, and SERP positioning of your competitors.  

We monitor your competitors’ performance to determine how to improve your site. After auditing your competitors’ websites, we will determine your site’s strengths and weaknesses. From there, we will implement the proper techniques to get you to rank higher on Google and Bing.  

We also keep track of various keywords and traffic sources to ensure your website shows up across different search engines. 

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Bespoke Automotive SEO and Targeted Approaches

Your dealership may be the biggest enterprise in the city, or it might be the smallest but longest-running mom-and-pop garage. No matter the size or goals of your dealership, we can help. 

Our SEO experts can help you accomplish your dealership’s goals, no matter its size. Whether it be just getting your online presence off the ground or increasing traffic to a specific department, we have the tools and techniques to get you there.  

Unsure of your business’s particular goals? We will evaluate your website’s current state and determine where it could use improvements.  

Our team will familiarize ourselves with your business to most efficiently increase your ROI. 

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