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We help car dealers rank at the top of the Google search results and on Google Maps with our automotive PPC services.

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Do you want more business for your car dealership or dealer group? PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns may be the solution you need.  

Automotive PPC campaigns target relevant consumers, drive traffic to your site, and boost sales. Plus, they build your reputation and set you apart from other dealerships.  

There’s no doubt that PPC campaigns are great for automotive marketing. But, if improperly managed, they can end up costing you lots of money.  

Let our automotive PPC management agency help. We handle every aspect of your automotive PPC advertising. Get started today with a free Google Ads audit!

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More Leads Every Month

We make advertising on Google ads simple for car dealers of any type and knowledge level. We create successful digital marketing campaigns and then target and re-target in-market consumers who are ready to go from searching online to becoming a lead. 

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More Store Visits & Test Drives

Search engines like Google and Bing allow you to run PPC ads on their organic search results pages. By doing this, it is easier for larger audiences to see your ad. We continuously analyze and improve keyword focus to be sure the right message or offer lands in front of the right shopper at the right time.

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Lower Your Monthly Ad Spend

You can reduce your monthly ad spend by up to 50%, or you can keep your ad spend where it is and see way better results. How? We customize the buyer’s journey from start to finish and guide each consumer as they move towards making a buying decision.

Why Use PPC and Google Ads Campaigns for Your Dealership?

What makes PPC campaigns and Google Ads campaigns suitable for advertising your vehicles? Below, we look at some of the most compelling reasons: 

Google Ads Target Relevant Consumers

A major issue with traditional advertising? They are expensive don’t zero in on your ideal consumer.  

TV and radio commercials, billboards, and other forms of traditional advertising tend to be broad and expensive. They send a general message to the public in hopes of consumers taking action.  

PPC campaigns, on the other hand, are much narrower and more targeted. They show ads to consumers who are actually looking for your product.  

This method is especially useful when selling vehicles. A billboard or TV commercial usually isn’t enough to convince someone to buy a car. By showing ads to consumers who are already looking for your product, car dealer PPC campaigns spend your advertising dollars more efficiently.  If we are also doing your automotive SEO combined with your automotive Google Ads campaigns, you can also see a significant SEO rankings boost.

Car Dealer PPC Management Retarget Consumers 

A vehicle is a big purchase. Consumers aren’t always sold by the first ad they see, meaning they’ll need a bit more exposure to your brand.  

For instance, a consumer searching for a new car might do a Google search and find your ad. They’ll click on it, check out your site, and continue doing their research.  

Automotive PPC advertising uses retargeting methods to prevent consumers from forgetting about you. They’ll zero in on consumers who already showed interest in your vehicles. These techniques allow you to show text, video, and display ads to these consumers as they browse the Internet. This approach will keep you on your consumers’ minds. 

Google Ads Only Charge You Per Click

As its name suggests, a PPC campaign charges you based on the number of clicks your ad gets. You only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad.   

This cost-efficient model is why many dealerships like PPC campaigns. They advertise without wasting money on consumers who don’t interact with your ads.   

In some instances, you even get free advertising. Consumers may come across your ad multiple times but never click on it. But, when it’s time to choose a dealership, they may remember your name from seeing your ads. They go to your dealership and make a purchase, all of which didn’t cost you a dime! 

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Why Hire an Automotive PPC Management Agency?

As you can see, PPC campaigns have many benefits. They are great for finding new consumers and scaling your dealership.  

But some dealerships make the mistake of thinking PPC marketing is unnecessary. These dealership managers don’t know how the ads work or think these methods take too much time. Or, they are scared to stray from traditional advertising methods.  

This dilemma is where our marketing agency comes in. We will manage every aspect of your car dealer PPC campaigns. Our experts use the best techniques to maximize your marketing efforts. With this task off your plate, you’ll have more time to do what you do best.  

Here’s how a car dealer PPC agency can help your campaigns succeed:  

We Target Your Ideal Consumers

Before we create your ads, we become experts on your dealership. We research your target audience to see who will be most likely to buy. We gather information such as age, budget, familial status, and other demographics. We also work closely with you to accurately represent your brand.   

Then, we use this research to create optimized ads. We will place these ads right in front of the ideal demographics. By zeroing in on those ready to buy, you will see an increase in sales.   

Note that our proprietary technology efficiently showcases your inventory. It will show consumers models and make in your lot that would be most appealing to them. 

With a targeted approach, we can create buzz around your dealership and encourage visitors to stop by the showroom. 

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We Make the Most of Your Budget

As we’ve discussed, PPC campaigns are great because you pay per click. 

This pricing model is ideal. But, if you don’t set up your campaigns correctly, the “wrong” consumers will be clicking on your ads. “Wrong” consumers include those who are unlikely to purchase a vehicle from you.  

No dealership wants to pay for lots of clicks that won’t result in sales. Our agency will help you make the most out of your budget! 

We optimize your Google Ads campaigns across the board. Our experts handle your bid strategy, ROI, CPC, CPA, and other confusing yet critical factors.   

We also ensure the only most relevant keywords will trigger your ads. Your ads will show up for your ideal consumers at a time and place when they are most likely to convert.  

To further ensure as many conversions as possible, we optimise your landing pages. Our experts write compelling copy and test its effectiveness. As a result, your landing pages will turn visitors into showroom shoppers. 

We Provide New, Revamped, and Bespoke PPC Campaigns

Some people already have car dealer PPC campaigns, but they are not performing as well. Other dealerships might lack an automotive PPC strategy altogether.  

No matter your current status with PPC campaigns, we are here to help! Our team knows what it takes to optimize your ads. We will analyze your existing campaigns and determine which changes will yield results.  

Our experts also specialize in creating campaigns from scratch. Contact us today so we can help you decide on the best course of action! 

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We Keep You Competitive

It’s not enough to just set up your PPC campaigns and let them do their thing.  

Our experts keep tabs on them as if they were for their own businesses and livelihood. We analyze the data to see how each ad is performing. If there is room for improvement, we will make the necessary adjustments to your automotive PPC strategy.  

By keeping your ads updated, we give you a leg up on your competitors. You never have to worry about editing your ads to stay in the game; we take care of that for you. 

Work With Us.

Convinced of the benefits of PPC marketing? You should be! It’s ideal for advertising vehicles.  

But, we get that not everyone wants to manage their campaigns themselves. It’s time-consuming and complicated. You run the risk of wasting advertising dollars if you don’t do it right.  

Contact us today to work with an expert automotive PPC management agency! We will help you reach new consumers in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

Get started with a free Google Ads audit. We will examine your current campaigns and show you how we can take them to new heights.

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